Best Coffee Storage Containers: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that contain a number of nutrients needed for our optimal well-being and is mostly taken for its high caffeine content (a natural compound that acts as a stimulant in the body system).

However, many people has made coffee their daily drink taken to boost their agility in preparation for their daily activities.

Due to the great benefits associated with coffees, it is usually purchased in large quantity, therefore, necessitating the need to store them until it is consumed.

This article will provide you with some of the best coffee storage containers that are available on Amazon to ensure you buy the best storage containers to store your coffee.

Best Coffee Storage Containers

1# OXO Good Grip POP Container – Airtight 1.7 Qt for Coffee

OXO Good Grip POP Container is produce from quality plastic that is free from BPA. The containers are airtight, large enough, mainly designed to keep dry food items fresh and can be kept in the cupboards. They can be used in a dishwasher and can be stacked during arrangement and to save up space.

The container can occupy up to 1.6 litres of food item and comes with a brand- new line of solution- based accessories that can be easily attached to the underside of POP Container lids.

The container lid can be used with other accessories such as labels, date dial, leveler, coffee scoop, dusting scoop and half cup scoop which should be purchased separately.

There is a push button for the airtight seal which makes the handle look doubled. For the best storage to be achieved, use the button to open and close the container always. The OXO good grip POP containers can be comfortably to store pasta, rice, sugar, flour, coffee, nuts, etc.


  1. It is very easy to clean
  2. It is leak proof
  3. It provides an airtight storage


  1. It cannot withstand high temperature

2# Coffee Canister Airtight Coffee Bean Storage Container

Coffee Canister Airtight Coffee Bean Storage Container is made from thick, top quality stainless steel to help maintain coffee beans freshness for long. The coffee storage container helps to keep the coffee fresh in an airtight environment to allow storage for long.

The atmosphere in the container is free from dangerous oxidation made possible with a one-way CO2 valve and a silicone rubber seal (100% free from BPA).

The coffee storage container is large in size and it can hold about 1.8 litres (61 Fl Oz) of water, 22oz/645g coffee beans, and 18oz/554g of coffee powder. The lid of the container also has a date tracker that allows you to set the date of storage or expiry date of the coffee to keep you updated of the consumption range.

There is also a free steel coffee scoop that can be attached to the hook making Coffee Canister container a perfect gift at almost all types of occasions.


  1. It can be used as gift
  2. It has an airtight lid
  3. It has a feature that allows to set storage or expiry date


  1. It is not transparent to see what is inside

3# Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

Coffee Gator Coffee Canister is made from a quality stainless steel material with 100% BPA-free rubber seal and contains 2 in a pack. This coffee canister maintains the freshness the coffee kept in it by displacing CO2 and preventing the in-flow of oxygen when the coffee canister is locked.

The stainless steel material ensures that the coffee kept in the canister is free from moisture and from light.

It also has the feature that let you set the expiring date of the coffee stored (date tracker) and comes with a scoop for free. The canister has an attractive design and can be used as gift at almost all occasions.


  1. It has a beautiful design
  2. It is very easy to clean
  3. It has a date tracker


  1. It can get damaged if not handled with care

Best Coffee Storage Containers: Buying Guide

Type of material

The quality of the material should be considered when buying a coffee storage container as the material must not intoxicate the coffee kept inside the container such as having a BPA-free property.


This factor must also be considered when buying a coffee storage container since air can trigger the spoilage of this beverage.


The capacity determines the volume of the container and the larger the container, the more coffee that can be kept in it.

Date tracker

This is not compulsory but also important because we tend to forget things easily as humans. However, expiring date of food items should be noted to prevent endangering our health.

Best Coffee Storage Containers: FAQs

What is the best coffee storage container?

1# OXO Good Grip POP Container – Airtight 1.7 Qt for Coffee and More Food Storage, Rectangle, Clear

2# Coffee Canister Airtight Coffee Bean Storage Container Kitchen Stainless Steel Food Storage Container with Scoop Date Tracker & CO2 Valve 61Fl Oz (White)

3# Coffee Gator Coffee Canister – 2 Pack, Airtight Coffee Containers for Grounds and Beans Storage w/ Date Tracker, CO2 Valve and Coffee Scoop – Medium, Stainless Steel & Gray

Can you store coffee in a clear container?

Ans- Yes, you can but for better freshness, it is best stored in an opaque container.

Can you store coffee in a stainless steel?

Ans- Yes, it can be stored in a stainless steel.

Is it OK to store coffee in a plastic container?

Ans- Yes, it is ok to store coffee in a plastic container.


With the above list of best coffee storage container, you should be able to select one to maintain the freshness of purchased coffee for a longer period and do away with the fear of buying in large quantities.

All the listed containers are available on Amazon and can be ordered from any country Amazon ships into. We hope you enjoy your coffee storage container.

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