3 Best Essential Oil Storage Containers

Essential oils are of great importance to human and the need for them cannot be underestimated as they are needed for different purposes which include cream making, treatment of disease, etc.

These oils vary in type with the commonest ones including Neem oil, olive oil, and so on. After the extraction of these oils, they are mostly contained in small bottles and to prevent these bottles from breaking, storage containers for them have been made available on Amazon to keep your essential oils safe for a long period.

Some of the best essential oil storage containers on Amazon include:

Best Essential Oil Storage Containers

1# Beschan Essential Oil Storage Case

Beschan Essential Oil Storage Case is hard and the inner thick shells are filled with foams of high density and elastic for the storage of oils to enhance safety, security, organization, and availability of your essential oils when needed.

The Beschan Essential Oil Storage Case has 42 compartments that can hold 20ml, 15ml, 10ml or 5ml bottles and extra 6 compartments for roller bottles; however, the bottles are not included in the case.

In a pack of the essential oil storage case, there are four sheets of already designed handwritten waterproof label stickers, 1 piece of bottle wrench, 4 piece of droppers, 1 piece of key chain, 1 piece spare buffer layer and an external buffer layer that has an extra elastic rope design to hold more items.

The case protects your oils from breaking and leaking while travelling with a handle for easy carriage to make your oils stand in an upright position. The inner foam is removable which enable easy cleaning of the case.


  1. It has a large capacity
  2. It is easy to clean
  3. It has waterproof sticker labels


  1. There may be leakage if it is not placed properly


Rotating Essential Oil Display Stand Spinning Rack for 45 Bottles (up to 72) Organizer 3 Tier Storage Holder -MK505B (3 Tier)

J JACKCUBE Design Rotating Essential Oil Display Stand is made from high quality plastic and can hold up to 72 bottles. It has 45 compartments of 3 layers shelf stand for more intakes and has a strong base plate with load-bearing capacity for easy rotation (it can rotate at 360 degrees). The Spinning Rack has additional hidden compartments that can store up to 27 bottles on the 3 rows.

The J JACKCUBE DESIGN Rotating Essential Oil Display Stand protects your essential oils from falling, damage, and keeps them from getting missing. The compartments fit essential oils of 10ml neatly in a well-organized manner.

There is ease in arranging your essential oils with high portability and can be cleaned easily by disassembling the rack when needed to be washed and can be re-assembled back when dry.


  1. It can rotate at 360 degrees for easy access to essential oils
  2. It can hold large amount of essential oils bottles
  3. It can be dismounted and re-mounted


  1. It does not come with sticker labels and droppers

3# TJ.MOREE Bamboo Diffuser Holder Carousel

TJ.MOREE Bamboo Diffuser Holder Carousel is made from quality bamboo that can be used to hold essential oil storage bottles and has an oil diffuse holder.

It also has a beautiful artwork design and a tray that is designed to rotate in a way that you will get hold of the oils you want to use in just a turn. It can hold up to 11 essential oil of sizes; 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and 20ml storage bottles.

The upper tray cannot be rotated and it is used to hold the diffuser or some desired plants. These essential oil storage containers can be kept in the bedroom, yoga room, living room, offices and even near washing machine to add your favorite scent to clothes.


  1. It gives out scent
  2. It is easy to clean


  1. It has small capacity holding of essential oils
  2. It does not come with other facilities like label stickers, droppers, and so on.

Best Essential Oil Storage Containers: Buying guide

Type of material

It is very important to check the material used to manufacture the storage containers to determine its loading-bearing capacity.


The capacity of the storage container is also important because a good storage container must be able to holds large amount of essential oil bottles.
Design of the storage container

This is also necessary because most times the storage containers are kept in our bedroom, so it has to be of a good and attractive design.


Check out for how long the container can serve you before buying because items like essential storage containers should not be changed at regularly.

Best Essential Oil Storage Containers: FAQs

What essential oil storage containers are the best?

1# Beschan Essential Oil Storage Case Travelling Carrying Oil Holder with Writable Labels and Opener Free Holds 5, 10,, 15ml 42 bottles and Roller Bottle- 10”L x 8.5”W x 3.9”H

2# J JACKCUBE DESIGN Rotating Essential Oil Display Stand Spinning Rack for 45 Bottles ( up to 72) Organizer 3 Tier Storage Holder -MK505B ( 3 Tier)

3# TJ.MOREE Bamboo Diffuser Holder Carousel – 2 Tier Height Increase Rack with Upper Tray for Holding Diffuser, for 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml Essential Oils Bottles

Can essential oils be stored in plastic containers?

Ans- Yes, but plastic can break with time, so they are better stored in bottles which are held in the storage containers.

How do you best protect the shelf lives of your essential oils?

Ans- By keeping away from light and heat.

What is the best way to store essential oils?

Ans- It is best stored in a dark glass bottle with an airtight lid.


Essential oils are very useful especially, to make cream and pomade. There are also used alone by some people without mixing them to make their skin glow better.

It is important to keep them where they will not be damaged because they are mostly contained in bottles with the best method in a storage container. Amazon has made this easier by making storage containers available in different sizes and designs; some of which are listed above.

Consider the capacity of essential oils bottles you will need to store and get the best ones from the list.

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