Best Potato Storage Containers: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Different people loved different varieties of potatoes, and for this reason, you as a gardener or farmer might also want to store more of them for many other different reasons for future purpose.

Potato is a staple vegetable that people often store because it is diverse, delicious, affordable, easily prepared and accessible.

For you to give your potatoes the optimum storage condition, you will have to ensure that it’s been stored in a dry, cool and dark but not forgotten medium.

Proper storage of your potatoes will ensure the extension of its shelf life, maintenance of its nutrient viability, sweetening of the tubers to some extent, as well as helping the potatoes to avoid or drastically slow down sprouting.

As the need to store your potatoes gets intensified, you might now obviously be looking for the best storage containers that will keep your potatoes in its optimum storage condition that will make it last for as long as you’ll need it.

The list of the best potato storage containers below will give you the insights and best guidelines in making a good choice, this list include;

  1. Esschert Design Potato Metal Storage Tin
  2. Xbopetda Kitchen Storage Potato Container
  3. G.a HOMEFAVOR Potato Kitchen Storage Canisters
  4. Vintage Potato Kitchen Storage Bins

1) Esschert Design Potato Metal Storage Tin

This product is a good option when it comes to successful storage of potatoes, helping you to make it remain fresh for as long as you’ll need it. One feature of this product is its well structured ventilation system at the bottom of all its three containers which allows proper airflow and prevents microbial actions on your stored potatoes.

The product has a metallic lid that is attached to its body which enables it to remain firmly closed when not in use. It’s also good for you to know that this product is light in weight making it to be easily moved around having a fitted and convenient handles.

More so, the three containers of this product are made from galvanized metal that lasts, and able to resist wear. The product is beautiful having a classic appearance owing to the hand-polished metal used in making the containers, thereby giving it a smooth and alluring finishing.

The containers are very spacious and capable of holding up to about 20 pounds of potatoes and still remain strong in structure, so that your massive desire to store more potatoes can be granted and you’ll never have to run out of storage.


  1. It has a well structured ventilation system at the bottom of all its three containers which allows proper airflow that keeps your potatoes fresh.
  2. It has a considerable size that will not take much space in your pantry.
  3. Your potatoes are safe owing to the product’s durable metallic design.
  4. You won’t often require additional storage because the product is spacious enough having three different size containers.


1.It might not satisfy an enormous need of potato storage.

2) Xbopetda Kitchen Storage Potato Container

This is another good product from Xbopetda that helps you store your potatoes for long keeping it fresh till it’s time of need. The product’s containers are capable of protecting your potatoes because it lasts and are very durable.

The product’s clear and classic vintage design makes it to be easy for you to see within the storage containers.

Each potato container is made of sheet steel that are powder-coated and of high quality; which easily fits in to your kitchen drawers and cabinets without occupying too much space, making your kitchen more alluring and well arranged.

Furthermore, the product has lids that are matched with each of the three different container sizes, and moisture is disallowed from getting through into the containers, thanks to the seal design on the lids.

The lids also have handles, making the product very mobile. The product also allows for easy ventilation of air that keeps the potatoes from going bad.


  1. The product has easy ventilation that keeps your potatoes fresh.
  2. The product has lids with two handles that is matched with each of the three different containers thereby enabling mobility.
  3. Your potatoes get adequate protection because of the high quality sheet steel from which the product was made.
  4. The product saves space yet providing a deep storage space to keep your pantry well organized.


  1. This product is not recommended for commercial use or for use in sizable families.

3) G.a HOMEFAVOR Potato Kitchen Storage Canisters

This is another great vintage-styled choice that successfully help you store your potatoes and can also complement your kitchen’s decor and interior with its alluring visual.

This product is a set that has three containers; one large one and two other smaller ones, giving room for you to store more potatoes thereby helping you to keep all your potatoes dry in one easy-to-access container.

Each Canister has covers with big openings that help you figure out the exact amount of the potatoes to be stored with ease; while your worries about accidental pours can be avoided by the product’s matching locking lid design.

These potato storage containers will not easily get rust been made from sheet steel that is heavy and powder-coated. These containers also allow free air to properly circulate, thereby helping your potatoes stay fresh.


  1. One large container, with other smaller ones provides deep storage that’s enough to store more potatoes.
  2. The product’s contemporary design allows for a significant flair that makes your pantry very appealing.
  3. The product’s matching locking lid designed with handles make its mobility easier.
  4. Your potatoes get adequate protection because of its powder-coated sheet steel from which the product was made.
  5. The product’s containers also allow free air to properly circulate thereby helping your potatoes stay fresh.


  1. You can only get the product in no other colors except white and black.
  2. This product is not recommended for use in sizable families.

4) Vintage Potato Kitchen Storage Bins

This potato kitchen storage bins are vintage-inspired and are upgrade to the old potato sack carriers designed to add extra style to your pantry and cupboard owing to an attractive and alphabetized artwork made on each bin.

The product has a different sized set of 4 tins, which means that it’s also useful in storing other farm products aside from potatoes; with the potato bin big enough to store more of your potatoes.

More so, the product is made of powder-coated steel that is of good quality making it very strong and long lasting. It is also designed with aerated holes that give the needed air to keep your potatoes fresh.

Its bins also have lids and handles that prevent pest invasion and enhance easier mobility respectively.


  1. The product can be a good option to store organic waste.
  2. It has the advantage of storing other farm products aside from potatoes.
  3. It’s well aerated thereby keeping your potatoes fresh for as long as its needed.
  4. It can readily house and protect your potatoes because its strong and sturdy.
  5. Its set contains 4 tins with the potato bin big enough for use.


  1. This product is not recommended for commercial use or for use in sizable families.

5) Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin Container

With this product, you can be rest assured of storing large potato volumes organized from your garden giving you the opportunity to keep enjoying your potato recipes over longer periods without much stress or wastage, been made from durable polypropylene material.

This potato storage bin container is light weight, and designed with several vents that primarily help your potatoes avoid losing color, as well as preventing quick sprouting. These vents also allow your potatoes to retain water.

Your potatoes can be easily accessed via the flip-front access panel, and its leak-proof design births easier clean up for you. The top of the container is clear for you to see without the need to open its lid. Its handles ensure its mobility.


  1. This product is made of plastic that lasts and very strong.
  2. The vent feature ensures proper airflow that keeps your potatoes fresh.
  3. Easy clean up that lessens your stress.
  4. Good physical appealing design that enhances your kitchen’s interior.


  1. You cannot use this product in freezer and even in microwave because its plastic made.

Factors You Must Consider Before Purchasing Potato Storage Containers

To help you select the best potato containers, you must be on the lookout for some very important factors which include;

Physical Capacity

You must consider physical capacity in terms of space and size when it comes to the space in your kitchen as well as the size of your potato storage container. For instance, you can’t have a small kitchen and expects that getting a big potato storage container would be a good option.

In similar sense, you must have an estimate of how many potatoes you would be likely be storing per time so that you would know if you would need a bigger or smaller container.

Physical capacity must always be considered when you want to buy potato storage containers so you won’t end up disorganizing or messing up your kitchen or pantry settings.

Planned Functionality

Before purchasing a potato storage container, you must have planned on how well it can function for you. If it’s not something you’ll likely be using frequently, then it’s advisable not to dabble into getting a sophisticated one; thereby, very simple storage container would be recommendable.


You might also want to consider the substances or materials that are used in making the product. Usually it comes in two forms; plastic and metal.

You might want to consider plastic made products because it will always be lighter to carry about than metal made containers; and would always be easier to clean up.

You might also want to consider metal made because it can withstand more stress, will always last and are more durable than plastic made.


You must also be sure that the storage container you’re purchasing is well aerated, because that is one major factor that will ensure that your potatoes stay fresh and last longer until when they’re needed.

Potato Storage Containers – FAQ

Do Potato Storage Boxes Work?

Getting yourself a potato storage box will readily make your potatoes available to you, keeping it fresh for long. It ensures the needed aeration and space for storage, as well as providing the needed protection for your potatoes from heat and sun rays.

Whats the Best Way to Store Potatoes?

You must never store your potatoes inside the freezer or refrigerator, but you can store them in a cool, dry and dark place.

More so, never store your potatoes near other veggies and fruits like onions and bananas, because they can allow the potatoes to get ripen quickly and make it get spoilt due to the ripening nature of the chemical they emit.

Another best way to store your potatoes is by ensuring that they’re not been stored in airtight boxes, containers, bags etc, any medium to be used must have free airflow that will make your potatoes lasts and stay fresh.

How Do You Store Potatoes Long-Term Without a Root Cellar?

It is best advisable to first sort them out and cure them; ensuring that in your process of storage, flexible skinned potatoes must be used first because thick skinned potatoes will always last longer.

Get a well aerated container and store potatoes in a dry, cool and dark place. Layer the storage container with shredded paper or straw and do not employ a freezing or warming temperature.

Ensure that the storage container is covered in such a way that light won’t get through. Check it regularly and ensure that none of it is getting ripening or sprouting, otherwise remove immediately so it won’t affect others. A garage or basement can work well for you if you’re without a root cellar.

Can You Store Potatoes in a Wooden Box?

It can be stored and would still work out a positive result.

Can You Store Potatoes in the Garage?

Yes, even without a root cellar.

Where Do You Store Potatoes If You Don’t Have a Root Cellar?

Other options include;

  1. An unheated mudroom.
  2. A closet on an outside wall.
  3. A room above freezing but below 60°F.
  4. A neat metal garbage Can with insulation in an unheated shed or garage.
  5. A picnic cooler.


Considering your preference in the above list of potato storage containers, you can be sure of getting the desired result and enjoying your potato recipes and delicacies over and over again for much longer time with less stress and wastage.

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