Best Seed Storage Containers: Step By Step Buyer’s Guide

Are you a farmer or a gardener who loses seeds regularly due to lack of good storage containers? Or are you in need of good seed storage containers that will keep your seeds safe without affecting their viability?

Your worries are over today as this article will be providing you with a guide on the best seed storage containers you can find on the internet.

These seed storage containers can help you keep your seeds for longer time in their viable state without any stress. Let’s move straight into the deal of the day.

Best Seed Storage Containers

In a rush? Our best seed storage containers are:

  1. Photo Storage Box 4 x 6, Seed Storage Organizer with 18 Inner Cases Colourful
  2. SGHUO 64 Grids 5D Diamond Painting Box Storage Container
  3. Burgon & Ball Seed Packet Storage Tin

1) Samsill 50 Pack 4 Pocket Garden Seeds Clear Sheet Protectors

The Samsill 50 pack 4 pocket garden seeds clear sheet protectors are produced from top quality non-heavy duty ultra-clear material (polypropylene). They can last longer than most heavy weight sheet protectors and also maintain your seeds in a viable condition.

Their top-quality makes them even better for usage in protecting other vulnerable items apart from seeds. These include product pictures, coupons; scrap booking, and so on.

Each packet of Samsill pocket clear sheet protectors contains 50 pieces to ensure you can easily access them for everyday seed storage.


  1. It is wonderful for seed organizing
  2. It is very durable
  3. It is considerably cheap


  1. The seed container is not very clear

2) Photo Storage Box 4 x 6, Seed Storage Organizer with 18 Inner Cases Colourful

It is one of the best seed storage containers which comes with 18 inner colourful containers that can locked separately to keep things in it dry and it is made from plastic.

The outer case has an handle that can be used to carry the container at once including the 18 inner colourful containers.

The inner containers allows you to keep different type of seeds in different container which is to be used for another season.

The container can also be used to keep other things that can easily get lost different from seeds, such as pictures, coins, screws, game cards and so on.


  1. The inner containers have colours that make seed storage attractive
    2..Effective for keeping seeds away from moisture and has a water-proof capacity
  2. The risk of seed contamination is very low


  1. It can easily get broken
  2. It cannot be kept under the sun for too long

3) SGHUO 64 Grids 5D Diamond Painting Box Storage Container

This is arguably the best heavy-duty seed storage container on the internet with spacious inner grids depending on the size you go for (A-64 grids, B-84 grids, and C-120 grids).

Each of the grids has its a cover to ensure maximum protection of your seeds. The covers are removable in case your seeds get stuck when pouring the seeds in the grids.

The container is made from good quality portable plastic and ranges in size. The whole container size range between 8.78” x 5” x 2.2”and 22.3 x 12.7 x 5.6cm while the inner grid size can be either 1” x 2” x 0.5” or 2.6 x 5 x 1.3cm.

Just like the Samsill pocket clear sheet protectors; SGHUO containers are also multi-purpose and can be used to store other items such as diamonds, embroidery beads, stone beads, rhinestones and the likes.


  1. It is very portable; that is, can be carried to anywhere
  2. It can occupy large amount of seeds
  3. Your seed condition can be seen from outside


  1. It can get damage quickly when kept under the sun
  2. It can get broken easily

4) Burgon & Ball Seed Packet Storage Tin

This is another top-quality seed storage container that is made from powder-coated stainless steel and has leather handles for easy transportation. It is rectangular in shape and varies in size across 28cm / 11” x 15.5cm / 6” x 16.5cm / 6.5”.

The container is made air-tight to keep your seeds away from moisture and can be cleaned easily by hand wash.

The design of the container is spectacular and can be moved easily from one place to another through the leather handles.

It also comes in different colours such as cream, blue, and green for those who are much concerned about a particular colour.


  1. It is expertly designed and portable
  2. It keeps seeds in dry and viable condition
  3. It can be cleaned by hand wash


  1. It can get rust when exposed to wet condition for a long period
  2. It is considerably heavy compared to those made from plastic.

5) Gebrent seed storage box

Gebrent seed storage box is one of the best storage containers on the internet of a very high quality. It is made from powder-coated galvanized steel with two side handles to carry it.

The steel seed storage container is very spacious and has a lid to keep your seeds away from moisture and in a viable condition. The storage container can also be used to store flower, fruit seeds and vegetables after harvest.

The size ranges from 6.3” x 4.3” / 16cm x 11cm x 11cm while the weight is 10.6oz / 0.30kg.

It is important to know that 20 paper seed envelope packets and 10 plastic plant clips come with this seed storage container. It is mostly available in cream colour.


  1. It keeps seed away from moisture and in a viable condition
  2. It is very portable and can be easily transported
  3. It can get rust if exposed to moisture

6) Lola crate seed storage organizer box

This high quality seed storage container is made from galvanized metal and other light-weight materials.

The seed storage container has 2 compartments that you can store your seed in easily and also keep them from moist, pets, and children.

It can be easily moved from one place to another and can also be used to store planting tools, screws, tea bags, and so on in addition to your seeds.


  1. It is very portable
  2. It is light-weighted
  3. It is strong and durable


  1. It has limited compartments (just two)
  2. It can get rust if exposed under wet condition for too long

Best Seed Storage Containers: Buying guide

Buying a good seed storage container is not difficult but you need to watch out for the following features:

Quality of the material

The quality of the material does not always denote how strong the material is by mere looking at it, some materials such as aluminium might appear fragile but actually of good quality.

However, the best type of material ranges between galvanized steel and plastic because they are free from rust and will not corrode your seeds.

Light weight

The lightness of the seed storage container should be considered for portability (carrying it from one place to another with seeds). It will not be convenient if it is too heavy and you need to also consider the strength of the handles here.

Air tight

How well can the seed storage container displaces air and moisture in relation to their cover? This is another important question to answer before purchasing the seed storage container.


A good seed storage container must have many compartments to allow you space your seeds well since it is not okay to put seeds of different vegetables and fruits together in a compartment.

You should know different compartments for different seeds are paramount for their viability.

Storage containers for Seeds: FAQ

What is the best container to store seeds in?

Samsill 50 Pack 4 Pocket Garden Seeds Clear Sheet Protectors.

What is the best way to store your seeds?

The best way to store seeds is in a seed container as it preserves it in the best condition.

Is it better to store seeds in paper or plastic?

The best is in a paper bag but with a top-quality plastic seed container then you can be sure of your seeds viability.

Will 20 year old seeds grow?

Why not, it might take a while to germinate but it will grow.

Should you freeze seeds?

You can after completely drying the seed; however, it is better to leave it dried.


The above list of the best seed storage containers has been arranged based on their portability and therefore, there are all top-quality seed storage containers that can be used by all farmers and gardeners.

Selecting any of them should be based on the number of seeds you wish to store and the type of design you want.

They can all be purchased easily and delivering should not be a problem since they are portable enough to be delivered within some days or hours in some cases.

If you need help making a choice, you can always talk to us and we will try to help you select the best for your seeds.