23 Proven Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves And Fruits

guava health benefits

In this article, you are going to be informed about the health benefits of guava that are backed by scientific studies.

What is guava? Guava is a soft woody shrub typically of not more than 15m that is scientifically known as Psidium guajava, which is native to Mexico, Central America, and other tropical American countries.

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In terms of nutritional value, guava fruits are blessed with vitamins, minerals, soluble fibers, polyphenols, and phytochemical compounds.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, 100g serving size of raw guava contains 417mg of potassium, 22mg of magnesium, 18mg of calcium, 80.8g of water, 2.55g of protein, 0.95g of fat, 5.4g of fiber, and 68kcal of energy.

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What is more? Here are 23 proven health benefits of guava that you may be glad to know:

1. Guava Leaves improve Fertility

Guava leaves may help improve fertility.

One study made on wister rats suggests that leaves of guava extracted using ethanol may enhance male infertility caused by gossypol sperm toxicity.

Additionally, in a separate study, aqueous (water) guava leaves extract was found to prevent Albino rats from reduced sperm viability, sperm count, and mortality caused by caffeine toxicity.

In this study, thirty fertile and healthy Albino rats were put into 5 groups with each group containing six albino rats.

The rats received oral treatment with caffeine and aqueous guava leaves extract in a randomized design for complete 65 days.

Analysis of the result showed aqueous guava leaves extract significantly prevented the Albino rats from the effects of caffeine-induced sperm toxicity when compared with the control experiment.

This benefit of guava leaves may be attributed to the high content of antioxidants that are parked in guava leaves and fruits.

Analysis of guava showed that guava is a reservoir of these phytochemicals.

One study suggests the important role of antioxidants in enhancing sperm viability and count.

Reactive oxygen species commonly known as oxidants were shown to cause oxidative stress in the body systems, which in turn affects spermatogenesis.

So, snacking with guava and drinking guava leaves tea can provide you with the recommended antioxidants, which may help improve fertility.

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2. Guava Juice helps during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period where the mother is exposed to many systemic abnormalities or abnormal body functions such as low blood cell count, failure of nerve endings to send a message from brain to spinal cord, and metabolic failure in both mother and her baby.

One study showed that supplementing pregnant women with folate increases blood cells count and improve DNA replication and metabolism.

Moreover, one study showed that  Vitamin C boost immune, acts as a free radical scavenger, and improves synthesis of neurotransmitters.

So, how guava has to do with all the above mentioned facts?

Analysis of guava fruits showed that guava contains folate (B9) and Vitamin C.

So, snacking guava fruits is highly encouraged for pregnant women alongside spinach and beans dish.

Additionally, magnesium and potassium that are present in guava can also help improve the failure of nerve endings from delay in sending messages between the brain and spinal cord, which in turn improves proper communication between the baby and mother systems.

Analysis of guava also showed that guava is a go-to for high fiber content and organic water. And these essential ingredients prevent vomiting and nausea caused by morning sickness during pregnancy.

Note:  Do not take too many guava fruits typically not more than 3.

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3. Guava leaves help Reduce Pain Associated with Menstruation

health benefits of guava

Menstruation normally comes along with many complications such as excessive bleeding, menstrual cramps, and discharging of unpleasant discharge.

One study obtained from one of the clinical trials, which is made on 197 menstruating women showed that guava leaves extract pill was more effective than the conventional Ibufprofen in easing menstrual cramps.

Moreover, in a separate study made on rats, it was shown that aqueous leaves extract of guava may improve menstrual pain.

The study also highlighted that guava leaves can be a good alternative for the management of menstrual cramps.

Generally, during menstruation, the uterus of women secrets a chemical substance called prostaglandins, which makes uterine muscles to contract. And this appears as spasm or crams or pain on the lower abdomen of a woman.

And guava is a strong anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent with noticeable pain-relieving effects.

This study clearly described the anti-inflammatory effects of guava leaves extract through inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis.

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4. Guava leaves help Dissolve Fibroids

This is one of the common medical conditions affecting most women. This condition is explained as an outgrowth of non-cancerous tissues in and around the uterine wall of a woman.

The outgrowth of tissues (fibroids) is sometimes called uterine Myomas and Leiomyomas.

One of the common treatments of fibroids is, however, fibroids can safely be removed by a combination of two or more herbal additives.

Guava is parked with many phytochemicals that work wonder in alleviating inflammation, and so combining guava with some organosulfur medicinal plants like garlic and onion can make a perfect for dissolving fibroids.

Just sprinkle a handful of fresh guava leaves in a blender containing garlic and onion.

After blending the mixture, transfer the mixture into a pot and boil. Allow the tea to cool down a little bit. Drink this tea two to three times a day. Do this for weeks.

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5. Guava leaves help Prevent Infection

Guava leaves proved to be a good plant material with strong anti-microbial benefits against wide spectrum bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

A study made on some selected common bacteria including Vibrio cholera showed that 10mg/ml of guava leaves extract inhibited the growth of these bacteria that are grown on a separate medium.

One promising study made to analyze the anti-microbial benefits of 12 selected commonly used Brazilian plants (including guava ) on the effects of rotavirus showed that 8 microg/ml of guava leaves extract inhibited the growth of Simian rotavirus by 93.8%.

Rotavirus was shown to play a major role in causing diarrhea among children and infants in countries with a standard of living.

Moreover, another study made on mice has shown that guava leaves extract quickly cleared the infection caused by Citrobacter rodentium.

Citrobacter rodentium is a disease-causing bacteria that show similar effects in mice as the Escherichia coli in humans (E. coli is a common bacteria in humans that causes many diseases in the stomach such as diarrhea). So, knowing what can inhibit the growth or kill C. rodentium can provide a clue in treating and inhibiting the growth of E. coli.

One study also reaffirmed the benefits of guava leaves extract on inhibiting E. coli growth. In this study, it was found that leaves extract of guava extracted using ethyl acetate effectively managed diarrhea and reduced any other severe clinical symptoms that are caused by Experimental E. coli infections in chickens.

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6. Guava Can Help Balance Hormones

Guava contains 0.230mg (2.5% RDA) copper  of daily intake.

Iron deficiency is related to copper deficiency in the body. And iron deficiency was shown to affect the thyroid gland.

One study showed that low and high serum copper is correlated with deficiency and sufficiency of thyroid hormone.

This study also clearly explained the positive correlation of copper with the thyroid gland and its functions.

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7. Help Manage Weight Gain

health benefits of guava

Making guava part of your snacking fruits will help lower fat accumulation in the body.

Guava fruits contain low calories, which makes you feel satisfied without exceeding your calorie daily intake. This, in turn, prevents you from taking too much food with a high glycemic load, which also leads to reduced mass gain.

Additionally, guava fruit contains more water. So, by consuming guava fruits, you are indirectly increasing the hydration rate, which in turn greatly reduce your tummy.

Moreover, guava leaves were also shown to contain a high amount of free radicals scavenging agents. These phytochemicals were found to improve cholesterol metabolism and weight loss.

The fiber content in guava also helps enhance metabolism. This prevents indigestion and of course, to reduce excess body mass in the body.

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8. Improve Bowel  Movement

Guava not only serves as a source of food but was also found to increase bowel movement.

Besides containing a high amount of fiber, guava also contains polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenoids, carotenoids, and terpenoids (source).

All these phytochemicals including fibers work hand in hand to clear the digestive tract and improve bowel movement.

This also helps reduces pain associated with file.

9. Use for The Treatment of Diarrhea

Clinical trials with regard to the health benefits of guava as sole the remedy for gastrointestinal tract problems were scanty. However, traditionally the plant has long been used to treat various metabolic disorders and without any known side effects.

One study showed that adult patients suffering from acute diarrhea saw a reduction in an overall time of abdominal pain after receiving treatment of 500mg of quercetin, which is extracted from guava leaves.

10. Improve Hair Growth

guava  health benefits

Hair grows well with proper blood flow, oxygen supply, and in the absence of microbes such as lice. One of the good candidates among herbs that is good in dealing with the above conditions is guava leaf.

Guava leaves contain Vitamin C, which improves collagen formation. This helps increase rapid hair follicle regeneration, strength, and quality.

The anti-inflammatory effects of guava leaves help increase blood flow around the hair scalp, which in turn improves hair growth and health.

Guava leaves also help fight against microbes and other parasites when combined with other organics like ginger, chamomile, and tea tree oil.

Guava leaves in combination with eggs and honey can make a perfect combo to prevent and treat split ends.

The lycopene present in guava leaves can help prevent hair from the direct effect of ultraviolet rays. This helps prevent hair loss, grey hair, collagen degeneration, and hair breakage.

Guava leaves also prevent scalp dandruff by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp.

So, if you are looking for a safe organic way to boost your hair growth, guava leaf is a great alternative.

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11. Guava Leaf Tea Can Help Improve Sleep

Guava leaves extract may also help improve sleep by suppressing stress. Guava leaf extract was found to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain, which can encourage nerve relaxation and peace of mind.

Magnesium is one of the essential elements present in guava (source).

One study like this shows the role of magnesium in controlling neurotransmitter.

Moreover, another study showed that taking magnesium daily can help improve restlessness, lack of focus, and sleep disorders.

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12. Good for Eyesight

Guava may also improve vision. One of the guava health benefits is management of eye-related problems such as night blindness, eye infection,  and corneal scarring.

Guava is parked with Vitamin A, which is believed to enhance eye sight and treat many diseases associated to eyes.

This study reviewed the benefits of many antioxidants and vitamins such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin A in managing and preventing eye-related diseases.

One study showed that most children suffer eye-related diseases such as night blindness, corneal scarring, and conjunctival xerosis due to insufficient Vitamin A in the body.

The common factors responsible for causing eye-related problems are inflammation and oxidation.

This study reviewed the nutrients reach diet in combating eye problems.

Adding guava fruits to your dish will provide you with an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals.

13. Help in Management of Cancer

Guava was believed to prevent the growth of malignant cells.

This benefit might be due to too high content of antioxidants that are present in both guava leaf tea and fruits.

One in vitro study showed 1.0mg/ml leaves extract of guava to improve Brain-derived metastatic prostate cancer Du-145 from active cells regeneration to 36.1 and 3.59% within 48h and 72h respectively.

The study suggests the health benefits of guava leaves extract in preventing and treating derived metastatic cancers.

Another study also showed a negative correlation between guava leaf hexane fraction interference and tumorigenesis.

The study suggests that guava leaves extract can be an alternative source of treatment and prevention of cancers.

Another separate study also showed the anticancer effect of guava leaf extract.

One giant study made to evaluate the potential benefits of fibers and cereals in combating the growth of cancerous cells suggests that taking foods with high dietary fiber might help reduce the risks of adenoma and distal colon cancers.

Another clinical trial showed a promising health benefit of guava in reducing symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

14. Guava May Improve Heart Function

health benefits of guava

The high antioxidants content of guava can be useful in the treatment of various heart diseases.

One study using Zebrafish embryos showed polysaccharide derived from guava leaves increased the heart-beating and survival rate of the Zebrafish embryos.

Guava can improve heart function by decreasing the total serum cholesterol  and other blood lipids such as triglycerides.

One study involving 61 groups A and 59 group B who are suffering from hypertension showed a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol by 9.9% and triglycerides by 7.7% after including guava fruits in their usual diets.

Moreover, it was also shown in this study ref34 that guava and papaya consumption can reduce the risks of diseases caused by oxidative stress and high cholesterol in the blood.

Additionally,  another separate study showed that increase consumption of guava fruits can significantly decrease blood pressure and blood lipids alongside increasing the level of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and low-density lipoproteins (LDL).

In addition, one study made to find the potent antioxidants and antihypertensive properties of the different phenolic extract of guava leaves showed that all the extracts significantly stop the activities of Angiotensin I converting enzymes and free radicals in rat heart.

All these studies showed that guava can play a major role in preventing and treating heart diseases.

15. Guava can Improve Diabetes

Guava leaves and fruits were also shown to improve diabetes. This might be attributed to the high fiber content and low sugar.

According to one study, it was found that guava leaf extract can decrease blood glucose levels, which is very important in preventing and treating type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, one study also suggests the antihyperglycemic of guava leaves extract and the health benefits of guava leave intreating type 2 diabetes.

However, some experts showed that guava fruits might increase the level of sugar in the body.

This might be due to the dense fructose that is parked around the peel of guava.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove the outer skin or peels before eating.

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16. Guava helps in Desyntery Management

Dysentery is an intestinal inflammation and infection, which causes inflammation of the colon. The condition can cause mild to severe pain alongside chronic diarrhea with blood feces and mucus.

Guava leaves and fruits are excellent organics recognized for their effective anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions.

Therefore, adding guava fruits in your diet and drinking guava leaves tea will help you manage the symptoms associated with dysentery.

17. Help in the Management of Cold-related Conditions

Guava was also shown to improve conditions caused by the cold. The vitamins present in guava especially Vitamin C might be responsible for this benefit.

One study suggests that Vitamin C might decrease the duration of cold following regular supplementation with Vitamin C.

Moreover, another study showed that guava tea can help manage the epidemic and pandemic influenza viruses.

The study further showed that tea can also control oseltamivir resistant strains by blocking the target point of proliferation.

18. Help in the Treatment of Skin Diseases

health benefits of guava

Acne is one of the common skin diseases that is caused by clogged skin pores, excess sebum, and infections.

One study suggests that guava and walnut extract might be effective in treating acne especially when the condition comes with inflammation.

Free radicals are also among the causative agents of many skin diseases such as skin cancers due to oxidative stress.

This study showed the role of free radicals in causing skin aging and pigmentation and the role of antioxidants in alleviating the conditions.

Guava, on the other hand, is parked with abundant antioxidants, which can help scavenge free radicals.

Moreover, guava is also parked with vitamin D and E, which are also important for skin cells regenaration and collagen formation.

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19. Guava Can Improve Brain Functions

guava health benefits

Guava is also thought to improve brain functions by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain tissues.

As earlier discussed, guava can help prevent blood pressure, which in turn leads to proper blood flow in the body. Guava also improves signals between the spinal cord and brain and thereby allowing proper communication between the brain and spinal cord.

20. Improve Nerves Relaxation

The magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium that are parked in guava leaves and fruits were shown to relax nerves and bring a sense of harmony and rest.

The anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive benefits of guava can also help improve relaxation.

21. Help Manage Toothache

Guava with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects can help prevent and treat dental decay.

This study reviewed guava health benefits with regard to treating infections ad inflammation.

22. Help Boost Immunity

Guava also improves body immune systems through antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities.

One study has shown the role of vitamin C, D, and E in boosting the body’s immune system.

In another study, it was shown that supplementation with a 0.5% concentration of guava leaves extract could improve the immunity of Rohu fish and its growth performance.

Moreover, one study suggests that the leaves extract of guava significantly decreased mortality rate in Aeromonas hydrophilic following 30 days of feed additive.

23. Help in the Management of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that occurs due to wearing of the protective cartilage that connects bones around joints. This condition is favored by disintegrin.

One study showed that the leaves extract of guava inhibits the progression of osteoarthritis in transected anterior cruciate ligament of rats.


Guava is an amazing plant with numerous health benefits. We look at the health benefits of guava in the management of weight loss, diarrhea, bowel movement, prevention and reduction of cancers, eye treatment, improvement of hair growth, cold treatment, antimicrobial action, control of hormonal imbalance, prevention and treatment of infertility and so on.