How To Eat Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds and leaves are both small in size yet have enormous nutritional, environmental, economic, and therapeutic benefits.

Moringa trees have thin green pods that dangle from their branches. Moringa seeds are extracted from these pods. They may be consumed either raw or cooked.

Why do we consume Moringa seeds?

They are high in a range of nutrients, which provide them antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These seeds also cut our risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, normalize blood sugar levels, and boost our immune system.

Moringa seeds can also be used externally. The oil derived from them is a natural moisturizer for the skin. It is also used topically as an astringent to heal wounds, cuts, and bites, as well as to battle bacterial infections.

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Health Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds provide many more health advantages that can be accounted for. But first, let’s take a look at some of the more essential ones.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels
One of the most important qualities of moringa seeds is their capacity to lower blood glucose levels. As a result, it serves as an anti-diabetic drug.

Can Lower Cholesterol

Moringa seed has been shown to improve our cholesterol and lipid profiles.

Promote Heart Health

Moringa seeds contain antioxidants that can help preserve our cardiovascular system. It helps to protect our hearts from the complications that can result from hypertension.

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Promote Brain Health

Moringa seeds help our mental concentration and brain health.

To function at its best, our brain needs a steady flow of nourishment. Amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E are some of the greatest nutrients to eat for a healthy brain.

Moringa seeds provide a high concentration of all of these nutrients, improving brain function.

Improve Liver Health

Moringa seeds offer incredible characteristics that help to minimize liver damage and improve overall liver function.

Act As A Sleep Aid

One of the numerous advantages of moringa seeds is their capacity to help with the treatment of insomnia. Moringa seed oil is high in vitamins and minerals, and it includes vital amino acids that boost sleep-inducing hormones. This oil has a relaxing effect and might help you sleep better and longer.

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How To Eat Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds may be popped like popcorn with butter and eaten as a snack, or they can be cooked like peas and eaten with meals. Whatever method you select, make careful to ingest only a few seeds at a time (in a day).

When consumed in excessive quantities, it might induce gastrointestinal distress.

What about the dose of moringa seeds?

There has been no study on the exact dose of moringa seeds, but it is usually advised by experts that just a few (a small handful) seeds every day are sufficient to provide us with the most advantages.

Other related questions

How do you prepare Moringa seeds to eat?

The entire Moringa pod is edible when it is young and fragile (about six inches in length). The seeds are relatively little at this stage, and the pods themselves are not fibrous.

They are prepared in the same manner as string beans. Simply cut off and discard both ends of the pods, then cut them to the desired length.

Can I chew Moringa seeds raw?

Absolutely! They have a peculiar flavor for “nuts and seeds,” yet they are edible! They are strong cleaners, so use caution.

Which is better a Moringa seed or leaves?

Moringa is no exception. The seeds have a higher concentration of nutrients, but they also have a larger concentration of the chemicals that induce the laxative effects discussed earlier.

Moringa leaves may be consumed in huge quantities without any severe side effects.


Moringa seeds are high in nutrients. They are high in antioxidants, as well as astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Moringa seeds provide protection against cardiovascular disease, reduced cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar control, and a stronger immune system.

However, because it is a powerful digestive cleanser, over ingestion may result in a few negative effects. If you encounter any adverse effects, reduce your intake and seek medical attention.