How to Pick Guava Step By Step

How to Pick Guava

Guavas are considered to be some people’s favorite fruits in many parts of the world. Guavas are sensitive to cold temperatures. They are very popular and thrive in both dry and humid climates.

Guavas which are referred to by some as a super-food, having so many health benefits to humans are rich in potassium, antioxidants, dietary fiber as well as in vitamin C. While some labeled it “a super fruit” owing to its special and pleasant aroma coupled with a delicious taste, others occasionally labeled it “the nectar of the gods”.

Guavas are nutritious fruit that has a floral flavor and can be eaten raw or in ripened form. They can also undergo metamorphosis to get processed products from it. Guava fruit’s puree is what is been used in puddings, cakes, jam, sauces, ice creams, and jelly.

Guava is a tropical and amazing fruit that has many species or varieties found across the world, with all having varying characteristics. Some of these species include; lemon guava, yellow guava, pink guava, white guava, and so on.

What You Must Know Before Picking Guavas

You must take to notification before picking guava that they must be considered as ripened before picking them up for your suited and fitted purpose. Even if you buy the hard, green guavas, you can get them ripened at room temperature. To get the guavas to ripen faster, you can also place them in paper bags with apples or bananas.

More so, you must know that in warm climates, guavas can bear their fruits and get ripened year-round. As they are growing with such momentum, there are no peculiar methods or practices to ascertain the exact time or period to harvest or pick the ripened guava fruits.

For the fact that there are no specific harvest seasons for guavas, you must now learn the parameters to be considered before picking the guavas which are either to be eaten raw, used as an additive (by adding them to desserts and smoothies for example), or transformed into processed products like juice, jam, jelly, etc.

Parameters to Consider Before Picking Guava

To pick up guavas, you will have to have considered choosing the best fruits from whatever source by using three parameters to determine your choice of fruits. The first parameter is the texture; which can be done by slightly or gently squeezing the fruit.

Obviously the texture of an unripe fruit is very different from a ripe one. You must ensure that before picking the fruit, you must choose the ones that are without bruises or blemishes because that will be an indication that the fruit is bad and won’t taste good.

Another parameter to consider is the colour; which can be seen when the fruit had undergone metamorphosis from bright green colour to a softer yellowish-green color. The fruit can also have a touch of pink, indicating that it’s in its prime and ready to be consumed.

The last parameter to consider before picking guava fruit is the smell; which can be evaluated even without having to put the fruits close to your nose. Naturally, the guava fruit you want to pick must smell exactly like the taste.

Procedure on How to Pick Guavas

Having become familiar with the parameters needed to be considered before picking guavas, you can now proceed to pick by following these steps;

  1. Guavas are best used when you picked soft ones. So look for the softest ones and pick.
  2. Next on how to pick guavas is to check the fruits that don’t have bruises and pick.
  3. Now, check the colors and pick those that are yellow, and/or with a touch of pink.
  4. Finally, examine the smell of the fruits, and pick those that smell sweet like the fruit’s taste.

Now that you have learnt how to pick the guava fruits; considering its rich benefits, guavas are been picked to satisfy diverse needs and wants of many people around the world. Picking guavas means choosing guavas that are best fitted and suited to purpose.