Can You Drink Moringa and Wheatgrass Together? If Yes, How?

Out of many of the available greens that had been discovered to contain the essential nutritional values that will naturally supplement human diet and generally raise the level of healthiness and well-being, moringa and wheatgrass are among these greens that have been proven over the years.

They are well regarded as having a place in the top list of the best super foods in the world.

To be specific, moringa is commonly referred to as the “tree of life”, as well as the miracle tree; this is owned to the fact that no part of the moringa tree is useless.

However, of all the tree’s parts, the leaves are regarded as the most useful and nutritious because it has larger quantities of essential vitamins and minerals. The leaves can be comfortably made use of, either in raw form or in other forms like powder or dry.

Apparently, the Wheatgrass is also not left behind; it can be taken as a drink or fresh juice, or in the form of powder.

As you read on this article, you will be getting adequate insights on what will become of you if you decide to add or get a mix or combination of both moringa and wheatgrass in your diet timetable for one or more reasons; as well as getting insights on other few related contents.

Can You Drink Moringa and Wheatgrass Together?

Moringa from origin has always been combinable, with the combinations not influencing its nutritional benefits negatively. These combinations are mostly done to make you get a better pleasant taste.

Despite the fact that getting maximum benefits from taking wheatgrass can be best when taken alone, it will also still discharge its duties when combined, especially when taken in the morning.

Subsequently, this means that moringa and wheatgrass is combinable and you can drink it together. Due to the whooping benefits of both super greens, you will be getting a mixture that’s abundant in antioxidants, alkalinized and capable of detoxification.

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How to drink Moringa and Wheatgrass together?

When taking the dried/powdered form of both greens, measure a heaped teaspoon each and put into a cup of water.

Now cut a lemon halfway and squeeze the juice of one half into the mixture and also add one teaspoon of raw organic honey.

Which is better Moringa or Wheatgrass?

In overall nutritional evaluations, moringa had been considered better than wheatgrass because it has more of the essential nutrients (like calcium, fiber, iron, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin K, and other nine essential amino acids) contained in it.

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Who should avoid Wheatgrass juice?

Pregnant individuals and breastfeeding mothers are part of those that had been exempted from wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass might also in a separate way affect those with blood disorder, and celiac disease. Natural allergies to wheat or grass are also likely in some people.

What can Moringa be mixed with?
You can mix it with Apple cider vinegar; which enables a fair taste, as well as helping in digestion, and in the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. Using a fresh orange or apple juice, ordinary water or coconut water is also good.

What happens if you drink Wheatgrass juice everyday?

As long as your body is comfortable with it, drinking wheatgrass juice everyday is very beneficial, especially for calories reduction, efficient loss of weight, and rises in energy and metabolism levels.

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How do I start with Wheatgrass?

When newly treading on the usage path of wheatgrass, it’s recommended that you begin its consumption with a little measured portion, before you slowly add to the amount you’re taking so as to meet up with the required recommendation. With this, it will be easier for the body to get used to digesting the wheatgrass.


The taste is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to mixing these greens together to drink.

It’s expected that you should be prepared and be able to endure any unpleasant taste that accompanies the mixture, especially if you’re the type that desire outstanding health benefits in preference over just taste.

Hence, it’s advisable that when drinking the mixture, take it systematically on empty stomach every morning and allow your body get use to it with time.


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