Best Spice Storage Containers

Are you tired of wasting your spices (curry, turmeric, and so on) due to lack of a good spice storage container? Or maybe you are tired of buying spices in little quantities because you do not have a good spice storage container to store large quantities for another day.

This article will take you through the list of the best spice storage container and your problems on storage of spices will be solved. The listed spices storage containers are the best on Amazon and they can be recommended to friends and families to also store their spices.

However, we have just listed the best spice storage containers with no regard to any order rather the selection have been compiled looking at the material they are made from, customers reviews, and other key features.

Best Spice Storage Containers

1) 16-Jar Spice Rack Organizer Revolving Tower for Kitchen Countertop

These spice storage containers are made from glass of food grade and plastics that cannot be decomposed easily making them non-toxic to food spices that are kept in them.
They are large enough to contain a lot of spices and have 16 jars, that is, you can keep 16 different spices and seasonings in each jar.

The jars are transparent to see your spices and seasonings condition before using them and also, to makes it easy to identify the spice you want to use.

The spice racks are made circular and can be rotated easily to see the spice you need. The spice racks can also be used to store other things apart from spices such as transferring liquids, storing dry ingredients, and so on.

The spices racks have funnels which are used to pour spices into the jars as well as can be used for other purposes such as to add sugar into drinks. The racks are made of stainless steel and can be rotated with the 16 jars concurrently. They have a dimension of 7.48 x 7.48 x 11.02 inches (L x W x H)


  1. It is made from quality material
  2. It is non-toxic to food substances
  3. It is very attractive


  1. It is expensive
  2. It requires high maintenance from the users

2) NETANY 25 Pcs Spice Jars with Labels – Glass Spice Jars with Shakers Lids

This is another spice storage container made from quality thick glass material in square shapes and is very transparent to allow you see the contents in the container without opening it.

The thick glass is not toxic to food substances and keeps the food substances in good conditions especially from BPA and lead.

The lid is made in such a way that it can be used for both grounded spices and grains. The first lid has hole for sprinkling grounded spices and the other has to be flipped for herbs and grains.

There are also labels in the pack that has the names of different spices and some blank labels in case there is need to print on it yourself with a maker to write the name of exclusive spices.

In one pack, there are 25 glass square spice jars, 25 shaker lids, 492 labels of 3 types for identification, 25 metal caps, a marker, and a funnel for refilling the spice jars.


  1. It is transparent to see the inner content
  2. It has labels for identification
  3. It is easy to clean


  1. The metal cap can rust when expose to moisture
  2. It can get broken if not handle with care

3) AOZITA 24 Pcs Glass Spice Jars/Bottles

Glass Spice Jars/Bottles spice storage containers are made from top-quality lead-free durable glass material that are transparent to view what is inside and what is left of the content.

The square design of the glass jar can fit into most spice racks, cabinets, organizers, or kitchen. The size of each square glass jar is about 41/8” x 13/4” and has 11/4” opening.

The lid is a shaker lid that allows you to pour out both grounded spices and grains of herbs. It is also tight enough to allow your herbs stay fresher and longer.

It has printed labels and blank labels that can be written on with the marker provided for labeling. The labeling can also be done on the sides or the lid of the jar.

A pack comes with 24 square empty glass spice jars, 24 shaker lids, 24 metal lids and 2 kinds of waterproof labels and a silicone funnel for refilling your spices.


  1. It is transparent
  2. It has label for identification
  3. It is airtight which allows longer freshness of the spices and herbs


  1. It can be broken if not handled with care
  2. The metal can rust if there is an exposure to moisture

4) CUCUMI 30pcs 4oz Glass Spice Jars With Labels

This is also one of the best spice storage containers available on Amazon and is made from quality glass while the lid of the container is made from aluminium. The lid is airtight and will not rust because it is made from aluminium.

The pack has 200 pieces of circular waterproof PVC labels which has been pre-printed and blank labels which can be labeled according to your needs. It also has sieves of different sizes which include coarse sieves, fine sieves, and inclined vibrating sieves.

In a pack, there is 30 pcs 4oz empty square glass spice jars, 200 pcs circular labels, 1 pcs test tube brush, 1 pcs silicone collapsible funnel, and 30 pcs shaker lids.

It can be used to store salt, herbs, and so on and is a great fit for kitchen spice racks, drawers, and cabinets.


  1. The lid cannot rust because it is made from aluminium
  2. It is easy to clean
  3. It is transparent


  1. It can break if not properly handled

Best Spice Storage Containers: Buying guide

To buy a good spice storage container is not difficult; all you need is to consider the following features before buying. These features include:

Type of material

The best material spice storage container is glass because it is non-toxic for most food substances.


It is very important to make sure that the lid can cover tightly and does not allow air inflow to preserve the spice for long.

Aluminium lid

Spice storage container with aluminium lid is an advantage to look out for because it does not rust and can further prevent toxicity.

Shaker lid

It is advisable to buy the ones with shaker lids as they reduces the amount of air which can enter jar and will keep the spices in fresh condition for long.


It is also recommended to buy the ones with labels for easy identification.


It is better to buy spice storage containers with many jars to keep different types of spices in different jars.

Best Spice Storage Containers: FAQs

Is it necessary to have a spice storage container?

Ans- Yes, because the spices will be preserved better and located easily.

Is there health benefit in cooking with spices?

Ans- Yes, spices have good impact on our health.

Can spices stay long?

Ans- Yes, they can be stored for long.


The above list of the best spice storage containers is not arranged in any order and selection depends on your choice.

It is however, important to know that the spice storage container is vital for the proper storage of your spices.

All the recommended spice storage containers can be found only on Amazon and are multi-purpose.

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