4 Best Tea Storage Containers

Tea is one of those food substances that provide us with essential mineral and vitamins needed in our body for daily activities. Due to these benefits of taking tea, a lot of people have made tea their daily companion and take it more than once daily.

Hence, it has become important to have tea storage containers to preserve freshness of tea during period of storage until the tea is finally consumed.

This will also reduce the stress and cost of buying tea in sachets since you can now buy in pack and store them in the storage container. This article will take you through some of the best tea storage containers we have on Amazon.com.

Best Tea Storage Containers

The best tea storage containers on Amazon are as follows:

  1. 2 Pack Stackable Plastic Tea Bag Organizer- Storage Bin Box
  2. KOOV Kitchen Canisters Set with Bamboo Lids
  3. SAIOOL Stackable Kitchen Canisters
  4. FUHUIM Bamboo Tea Bag Caddy Box Storage

Read on for detailed step by step reviews.

1) 2 Pack Stackable Plastic Tea Bag Organizer- Storage Bin Box for Kitchen Cabinets, Countertop, and Pantry

This is one of the best tea storage containers made from top quality plastic of food-grade and BPA-free. The container is durable and shatter-resistant.

There are 2 storage bins in a set and each of the bin is 10.75” x 6.75” x 3.75” (L x B x H) in size. The plastic tea bag organizers are also stackable; you can either stack them on each other or placed side by side depending on your choice.

The storage bin has a hinged lid and is divided into 8 compartments that are wide enough to contain tea bags. It can be kept in kitchen, pantry or cabinet, shelves, refrigerator, freezers, and also perfect for bedrooms.

The bins can be used to store tea bags, instant coffee packets, sweeteners, medicine packs, and so on.


  1. The storage bin is very durable
  2. It has large compartments for tea bags
  3. It has high adhesive power to tea items


  1. It cannot be used with a dishwasher
  2. It is not ideal for powdered tea storage

2) KOOV Kitchen Canisters Set with Bamboo Lids, Ceramic Coffee Canister Sets for Kitchen Counter Set of 3, 74 oz Tea, Sugar, Coffee, and Flour Embossed Series (Black)

KOOV Kitchen Canisters Set with Bamboo Lids are very good tea storage container that are made from three different materials; ceramic, silicone, and bamboo. These materials are of food-grade, lightproof, and are free of lead and cadmium.

In a set of the storage containers, there are three storage containers of different sizes and these sizes are: 5.51” x 5.51”x 7.87 (L x W x H (70oz)), 4.53”x 4.53” x 6.3” (L x W x H (40oz)), and 3.54” x 3.54” x 5.12” (L x W x H (25oz))

The storage container lids are made from Bamboo and the storage containers have a silicone seal to keep the items stored in an airtight environment.

These storage containers can be kept in the kitchen, cabinet, and countertop and can be used to store both solid and liquid food items such as coffee beans, tea, flour, rice, and so on.


  1. It can hold both solid and liquid food items
  2. It has airtight bamboo lids
  3. It can be used with dishwasher


  1. The lids are wash with the hands
  2. It is not transparent

3) SAIOOL Stackable Kitchen Canisters Set of 8, High Borosilicate Glass Cylinder Airtight Food Storage Container

This is another top-quality tea storage container that is made from quality glass with additional thickness of Borosilicate of 3mm. The lid of the container is made from acacia wood with silicone for seal proof and there are eight in a set of the same size; 3.54” in diameter by 5.51” in height (600ml) 20oz.

The glass jars are airtight and designed in a way that allow them to be stacked on each other to save up space in the kitchen or cabinet and to also make the arrangement look neat.
SAIOOL Stackable Kitchen Canisters Set of 8, High Borosilicate Glass Cylinder Airtight Food Storage Container can be used to store the following: coffee beans, powdered tea, spices, candies, and so on.


  1. It is easy to clean
  2. It is transparent
  3. It is an airtight container
  4. The glass jar is also suitable for refrigerators


  1. It can be broken if not handled well
  2. It doesn’t have labels for identification

4) FUHUIM Bamboo Tea Bag Caddy Box Storage

This 3 layer Bamboo Tea Bag Organizer is one of the best for storing tea bags made from quality bamboo that is durable and environmental friendly. The bamboo tea box comes in a layer of 3 and can occupy about 200 tea bags with the size of each bamboo box- 10.51” x 6.69” x 9.44”.

Fuhuim bamboo tea box can be used in kitchen, homes, cabinet, and offices to store tea bags, coffee bags, sweeteners, sugar, salt, and other tea items.


  1. It has a wide capacity of storage
  2. It cannot be used to store liquid tea items
  3. It is easy to clean


  1. It is vulnerable to attack by termites
  2. It can be used in a fridge

Best Tea Storage Containers: Buying guide

Type of material

The type of material is important while selecting the tea storage box to buy; generally, storage containers that can be placed on a cabinet and fridge are the most recommended.

Airtight lids

The lids should be airtight to prevent the inflow of moisture that can cause spoilage of the tea.


The container should be transparent enough to allow you see what is inside and amount of tea left in it.


The durability of the storage box should also be considered as this will give you an idea of how long the container will last.

Best Tea Storage Containers: FAQs

What are the storage requirements for tea?

Ans- The most important storage requirement is getting a good tea storage container to maintain optimum temperature.

What is the best material to store tea?

Ans- It depends on the type of tea but glass jars are the best.

How do you store tea for long term storage?

Ans- To store tea for a long term, the storage container must be free from air and moisture.

Does tea need to be stored in airtight container?

Ans- Yes, because air is one of the factor that causes spoilage of tea.


To select the best tea storage containers from the options above, ensure you consider the buying guide in the article although we also used them to make our recommendations.

Since those storage containers are available on Amazon, it is also easy to access them and get your tea protected for a long time.

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